Eden pelagics

Sat 03 June 2023 07:00am

Sue Lashko & Julian Teh

COG will run two one day pelagic trips out of Eden.  Departure time is likely to be 7am with arrival back at the wharf about 3pm.  The boat holds 12 participants.  This winter trip should give us the chance to see more albatross species as well as a variety of petrels and shearwaters.  Cost will be approximately $150 each day.

We now have 12 participants for each day but it is useful to have a waiting list in case people cancel.   If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact Sue Lashko at smlashko@gmail.com, with your name, mobile number and the name and number of an emergency contact.  Please state whether you prefer Saturday, Sunday or either day.

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