Corin Road meander

Sun 02 October 2022 08:00am

Sandra Henderson

Meet at 8am at the main carpark for Point Hut Pond District Park on McGilvray Close in Gordon for carpooling. Maximum 16 participants (four cars). There is limited parking at the makeshift Smokers Trail carpark.

We will travel out along Tidbinbilla Road to Corin Rd, which we will follow out to the dam, with stops along the way at Woods Reserve, Smokers Trail carpark, Square Rock carpark and Corin Dam itself. At each stop we’ll have a short walk.

Bring morning tea with you, as well as the usual water, sunscreen, hat and sturdy shoes. No difficult tracks to be negotiated, but at Corin we will walk down the track on the far side of dam, which is a bit steep and gravelly.

Possible birds for the morning include Pilotbird, Bassian Thrush, Olive Whistler, Superb Lyrebird.

Register with Sandra at, with your name and number, as well as name and number of an emergency contact.

Post event report

Nine COG members joined me for a morning out on Corin Road in glorious weather. First stop was Woods Reserve, where we had great views of a White-naped Honeyeater and several White-eared Honeyeaters. The campground was packed with campers.

Next stop was one of the Corin Road entries onto Smokers Trail. It was very quiet, with no sign of the usual robins. At Square Rock carpark it was also quiet, but three Gang-gang Cockatoos flew over our heads.

At Corin Dam we walked across the dam wall and down to the river. An agitated male Golden Whistler probably had a nest next to the track, as the female was in the same area and he kept diving down into the undergrowth. Another male was further down the track. On the way back up the track the unmistakeable call of a Rose Robin was heard, and some members of the group saw two of the species near the track. We enjoyed morning tea next to the cars, after an enjoyable morning in areas some had not visited for years.


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