COG Blitz

Sat 21 October 2023 12:01am

Nicki Taws

After 3 years of inclement weather, covid restrictions, closed tracks and locked gates, this year’s blitz, our 19th, is the opportunity to put all that behind us and head to all corners of the ACT. We need as many participants as possible to conduct bird surveys across the whole of the ACT, in an effort to obtain as complete a snapshot as possible of the birds in mid-spring. Details are on the COG website, under the header ‘Observing and Reporting Birds’. The list of sites adopted for 2022 will be updated shortly. Please let me know, , where you would like to survey and I will put your name against that site. If you regularly survey particular spots, it would be ideal if you could do them again, but feel free to also go somewhere different. It is also fine to survey a site if someone else has adopted it but we would like to cover as many of the sites as possible, or you can nominate your own area that isn’t on the list. This year we are also including a focus on one of our threatened species, the Hooded Robin, with some additional sites added to help Blitzers find this delightful species.

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