Charcoal Tank or Buddigower Nature Reserve campout

Sat 04 October 2014 12:00am

Mark Clayton

The October long weekend outing will be to Buddigower Nature Reserve near West Wyalong.  Instructions are as follows. Get yourself to West Wyalong. If coming from the Wyalong end of town turn left on to the Newell Highway (to Narrandera) and follow this until you see the Charcoal Tank Rest Area sign. 500 metres past the rest area is the Charcoal Tank Road off to the RIGHT. Turn here and travel for approximately 7.1 km until you come to a well-defined laneway to the left. This should have a sign on the left of a cut out sheep and the name MACOMA and AJ and LM Clarke. Turn left down this lane and follow until the lane turns left to the farm house through a double gate – DO NOT turn into the farm house but go straight ahead over a short, sharp rise (there are a couple of big farm dams to the right) and follow what now has become a two wheel track. NOTE about half way along this section on the right is a wash out followed by a small gully. It should be possible to get a two-wheeled drive vehicle over this with care – it may be best to do this section in daylight. Keep going until you see the open gate and the Buddigower Nature Reserve sign. Turn right at the gate and look for my signs. You will go through some burnt mallee then into open box woodland. Follow the track until you see tents set up. The area we will be camping in is an old mining lease and there are several old shafts in the general area. Try to stay left of the track as there is one area I am not sure would take the weight of a vehicle. There are NO facilities on site; it is a take everything in, take (almost) everything out camp. West Wyalong is only about 17 km away so if people wish to slum it in a motel or caravan park they are welcome to do so. I hope we will have several bird banders operating in the reserve that weekend.


If coming from the Ariah Park direction, once you are on the Newell Hwy again look for the CT rest area sign. Before you get to the rest area the Charcoal Tank road is off to the left. Whichever direction you are coming from please be aware of heavy vehicles on the road – they don’t always see your indicators and I have had to take evasive action on more than one occasion. In the event of very wet weather the trip will be called off. If unsure please call 62413620 (h) or 0419 482341 (m) – mobile reception is not all that good in the reserve.


To register, or for more detail contact me on my home phone or email




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