Kambah Pool to Red Rocks (with possible side trip)

Sat 06 July 2019 09:00am

Michael Robbins

The well made and maintained path between Kambah Pool and Pine Island offers a clear and fairly easy walk to Red Rocks Gorge along (although mostly well above) the Murrumbidgee River. It is about 2.5 km to the Gorge with a steepish down and up (roughly 30 metres elevation) about half way along, where the path dips to the river. There is potential for interesting sightings, including the famed Peregrine Falcons that nest at the Gorge, although it is a bit before their nesting season.  Bring water and something for morning tea.
Also, if you wish to explore across the river, bring something for lunch.
NOTE: We will only cross the river if the weather is good and the flow through the rapids near the lookout down river from the Gorge is low enough to get across without wading. If we do cross, we’ll explore a bit of the east side of the Bullen Range before crossing back across the rapids and then walking back to Kambah Pool.
If we do cross the river, those who don’t feel so inclined could take the path back to the Kambah Pool earlier than those who cross.
Meet Michael Robbins at 9 am at the car park at the south end of Kambah Pool, second turning left after you cross the cattle gird at the entry to the Bullen Range Nature Reserve

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