Buddigower NR – camping or accommodated

Fri 29 September 2017 04:00pm

Mark Clayton

I will be arriving on site on the Friday afternoon (29th) and will start to set up the nets. Participants can arrive on Friday afternoon or Saturday. There are NO facilities on site and it will be a take everything in, take (almost!!) everything out, campout. If people want to “rough it” in a motel or caravan park in West Wyalong then that is OK but the reserve is about 15 km from town. People wishing to join the banders should contact me chollop7@bigpond.comand I will send them directions to the site. In the event of heavy rainfall in the days leading up to the campout then I may have to call it off as access can become difficult. Most cars should be able to make it in to the reserve with care.

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