“Adnamira” – Dog Trap Rd near Hall

Sun 26 March 2017 12:00am

Sue Lashko

Three members of COG were invited last year to a property in Dog Trap Road near Murrumbateman to survey recently re-vegetated sites.  During the visit, we found that the remnant vegetation and the strip of box-gum woodland area along the creek were rich in birdlife.  The property owner is keen for COG to visit again and reports recent flocks of up to 100 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos.  There is also the possibility of Glossy Black-Cockatoos on the back ridges where they have planted for “glossies”.   Lower down on those ridges there’s a fair amount of remnant stringy-bark woodland.


Registration is essential as we will carpool from Canberra.  Please contact me at smlashko@gmail.com if you wish to attend.  Include your suburb and a contact number so I can organise the carpooling.


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