Putting Out Food

Occasional feeding will attract many to your garden, such as these Yellow-faced Honeyeaters

The continual artificial feeding of native birds is not recommended. It does not do much good for the bird population as a whole, and when taken to extremes may have a damaging effect. One side effect of excessive amounts of seed, particularly small seed, is an increase in the numbers of sparrows, starlings and other pest species.

However, during winter and spring small amounts of wild bird seed or chopped fresh meat can be placed out for birds provided this is done infrequently and at irregular intervals, so that it is more of a treat than part of the regular diet. Processed food such as bread should not be put out. This includes food for pets, which should not be left out regularly, because the combination of open lawns and pet food (a typical suburban scene) is a sure-fire recipe for attracting mynas. It also provides additional food for Pied Currawongs, another species that does not need assistance.

These Double-barred Finches appreciate a winter diet supplement