Birds of the Capital Region

These pages provide information on the birds in our region.  What do they look like? Do they normally nest in July? Is it unusual to find one in Canberra/Namadgi/my suburb?  Is this a common bird?  Are they becoming more or less common in the ACT over time?  All this and more can be found through BIRD INFO.

The information is accessible in a number of ways:

  • BIRD INFO gives a complete list of all the birds found in the COG Area of Interest and also acts as a portal to other information on each species. The list includes a summary of the status of each bird in the region and can be sorted in a variety of ways to easily find what you are after.  Bird Info provides access to the following information…
  • The Photo Gallery contains thousands of images of almost all species found in the Canberra area, all taken by COG members over the years. The Gallery is due for a major upgrade (more and better photos) in 2014.
  • Canberra Garden Birds includes information on birds found in suburban Canberra by members who participate in COG’s long-standing Garden Bird Survey. Not all species found in the extended Canberra Region (COG’s ‘Area of Interest’) are covered since not all are found in Canberra Gardens! The detailed information here is a web presentation of extracts from the second edition of COG’s  popular Birds of Canberra Gardens book.
  • Statistical information for each species includes geographic distribution, seasonal variation in occurrence on a month by month basis throughout the year, long term variation in occurrence, and breeding times.  This information is a summary of the hundreds of thousands of records in COG’s bird databases, including formal surveys and incidental observations over several decades.  Presented as charts and graphs and available through the BIRD INFO page.