Brown Treecreeper

Climacteris picumnus

Brown Treecreepers are seldom observed in suburban gardens. Small groups of these sedentary birds generally inhabit undisturbed areas of native woodland and dry open forest. They commonly forage for ants on open ground and around fallen timber, as well as for insects on the bark of trees. They nest in hollow limbs and trunks of trees, including hollow spouts of dead trees and stumps. There are only three sites where Brown Treecreepers were observed: in Melba in 1981-82, in O’Connor in 1982-83 and in Chapman in 1988-89. No breeding events are recorded in the survey.

Unfortunately, the Brown Treecreeper is declining in woodlands around built-up areas and has been listed as a vulnerable species in the ACT. The removal of dead timber for firewood is believed to be a factor in its decline locally. R=190.