Eastern Yellow Robin

Eopsaltria australis

Eastern Yellow Robins are common in the denser woodland, forest and riverine habitats around Canberra. They are one of the first birds to call in the morning – a loud, slow piping on the one note. They cling to the sides of tree trunks and fly to the ground to catch insects. Being common, inquisitive and approachable, it is interesting that they have shown so little tendency to infiltrate the suburbs.

They are quite rare in Canberra gardens. Virtually all survey records are from a few sites adjacent to large bushland reserves such as Mt Ainslie and Black Mountain. There have been practically no records over the last 10 years. Numbers in gardens are highest from February to August, with lower numbers from September to January, presumably because the birds leave to breed. There is only one breeding record, a dependent young in late January. R=115. BR=91.