Peregrine Falcon

Falco peregrinus

These falcons are distributed over most of the world, and in the ACT it appears that they have one of their highest population densities. They readily fly and hunt over the suburbs and can be seen over any habitat. Their flight is swift, distinctive and sometimes spectacular. Unlike most local raptors, except the Nankeen Kestrel, Peregrine Falcons will take up short-term residence in town centres, roosting on buildings, and so can sometimes be seen over Woden and Civic.

Although the bird is famed for its speed, it is more likely to be seen soaring high over areas within a few minutes’ flying time of the Murrumbidgee River corridor. Peregrine numbers peaked in 2002-03, but have declined abruptly since. Like most raptors, they are recorded more frequently in late summer and autumn when the young are dispersing. R=90.