Quail, Larks & Pipit

These birds are grouped because they are generally birds of grassland, and consequently there are few records in the Garden Bird Survey.


Family Phasianidae

Two species of native quail occur in survey records, the Stubble Quail (14 records) and the Brown Quail (9). Both species occur in the region with both being regarded as uncommon breeding residents. There is one record of the King Quail, an introduced common aviary bird. Another introduced member of this family, the Indian Peafowl has two survey records.

   Stubble Quail Coturnis pectoralis   Brown Quail Coturnix ypsilophora

Family Alaudidae

The Eurasian Skylark, an introduced common breeding resident of grasslands, has been recorded at least once a year in a site on 34 occasions during the survey. A native species, the Horsfield’s Bushlark (previously Singing Bushlark), was recorded once.

 Eurasian Skylark Alauda arvensis  Horsfield’s Bushlark Mirafra javanica

Family Motacillidae

The only member of this family recorded in the survey is the Australasian Pipit (previously Richard’s Pipit). This native bird, similar in appearance to the skylark, is a common breeding resident of grasslands. Pipits have been recorded at least once a year in a site on 61 occasions during the survey. R=109. BR=62.


Australasian Pipit   Anthus novaseelandiae