Australian Pelican

Pelecanus conspicillatus

Australian Pelicans are seen near urban lakes where they fly over like small aircraft, or rest on islands and banks. They feed on fish and other aquatic life.

Survey sightings are isolated, indicating that pelicans are occasionally seen passing over suburbs from one body of water to another. The number of pelicans in Canberra fluctuates in response to climatic conditions in the inland.   Large numbers breed on inland lakes when they fill with water, but when these lakes dry out the pelicans and other waterbirds disperse and seek refuge in coastal areas, including Canberra. One observation of 70 birds in November 1981 was exceptional but there are several other records of 10 to 30 birds. There are no breeding records, as this species breeds out of the Canberra area on inland lakes and offshore islands. R=88.