Noisy Miner

Manorina melanocephala


Noisy Miners live at the margins of open woodland, often where some tree clearing or removal of understorey has occurred. They are common in reserves and golf courses around the edges of the suburbs. Living in colonies, they aggressively attempt to exclude other species. Stable groups have been recorded from some GBS sites over many years.

Up to 1988-89 numbers were lowest in September, increasing in autumn to a peak in May. In the latter half of the survey this seasonal variation was greatly reduced and numbers recorded from year to year have become more stable. Numbers have been relatively stable since the start of the survey but have been increasing exponentially since 1998-99. Breeding was not recorded until year seven of the survey (1987-88). Nesting activities are reported from early October, with most observations of dependent young being in January. R=57. BR=35.