Eolophus roseicapilla

Extremely obvious, vocal birds, Galahs are one of Canberra’s most familiar cockatoos. They occur in small to large flocks in all open habitats, and are seen in flight, on telegraph wires, or feeding on the ground. They have adapted well to the suburban environment.

Although their numbers peak slightly in winter, Galahs are seen in Canberra throughout the year. Records from Canberra’s early history describe the Galah as a rare and celebrated visitor to the region. Now it is one of the most commonly recorded birds in the survey. Numbers have been slowly increasing in recent years but now appear to have levelled-off with an A value of about 7.5.

Galahs breed readily in suburban Canberra. They are frequently seen inspecting potential nest hollows in mature eucalypts from about August, and dependent young are obvious from about mid-October and through the summer months. R= 2. BR= 7.