Gang-gang Survey

COG’s 50th Year – Bird of the Year Project

The Gang-gang survey has finished!

Bird lovers were invited to submit sightings of Gang-gang Cockatoos over the last year to a special survey using the Atlas of Living Australia.  The survey finished at the end of February 2015.  You can still report Gang-gang sightings for the period up to the end of February, but please don’t report any new sightings to the special survey.

A big thank you to all those who participated!  Results and data will be published in a future edition of COG’s publication Canberra Bird Notes.

Submitting your old observations

You can still submit any Gang-gang observations that occurred before March 2015.  Click to go to the Atlas of Living Australia portal to submit your sightings. (This will remain open until Mid-April).

Gang-gang survey project reports and press

The old project report page can be found here.