Gang-gang Survey

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Spring 2015 – further breeding study – observations and data requested

A Gang-gang Cockatoo checks out a possible breeding hollow

A Gang-gang Cockatoo checks out a possible breeding hollow

The GG team (Chris Davey and Kathy Eyles) would like to obtain further details on hollow inspecting during this coming breeding season.  The purpose is to obtain further information on the breeding of Gang-gangs within the COG Area of Interest.

This is a follow up to last year’s successful GG Survey. An analysis of the survey results has provided 150 records from 50 observers of Gang-gangs hollow inspecting.  From these sites only one appears to have produced young, although it is unknown how frequently any of the sites were revisited.

Please report sightings of Gang-gangs showing interest in potential nest hollow sites or any other indications of breeding. Please do this by submitting an Incidental Record Form and providing information on the location, number of birds and their activity.  If possible, regularly return to the site and record any further activity. On these return visits, if there is no activity, please still fill in the form and enter a zero for numbers and add the words ‘This is a zero Gang-gang report’ in the notes section.

If you are unable to access the on-line form for some reason, simply send the details by email to the address below.

The project team will also be contacting original GG survey participants who submitted observations about nesting and breeding behaviour, to invite them to record observations over this breeding season.

For any enquiries please email  Note that all locations will remain confidential.  Of interest one site has already been reported for August 2015.

The main Gang-gang survey has finished!

In 2014 bird lovers were invited to submit sightings of Gang-gang Cockatoos over the last year to a special survey using the Atlas of Living Australia.  The survey finished at the end of February 2015.  You can still report Gang-gang sightings for the period up to the end of February, but please don’t report any new sightings to the special survey.

A big thank you to all those who participated!  Results and data will be published in a future edition of COG’s publication Canberra Bird Notes.

Gang-gang survey project reports and press

The 2014 project report page can be found here.


If you have any queries about the survey, please contact by email to .