September Meeting

Wed 09 September 2015 07:30pm

Amanda Edworthy – Forty-spotted Pardalote: Conservation on the Fly
Holly Parsons - Powerful by Name, Powerful by Nature – findings from the Powerful Owl Project in Sydney

The short presentation “Forty-spotted Pardalote: Conservation on the Fly”, will be given by Amanda Edworthy, a Ph D student at the Research School of Biology, ANU.

The Forty-spotted Pardalote is an endangered and declining songbird, endemic to Tasmania, relying on tree hollows for nesting and Eucalyptus viminalis trees for manna. Forty-spots have experienced unexplained decline within existing habitat. To investigate current threats to their populations, Amanda studied rates of reproduction and survival in relation to predation, competition, parasitism, and habitat quality in south eastern Tasmania. The principal cause of nestling mortality was a native screw-worm fly parasite, Passeromyia longicornis, other threats found will also be discussed.

The main presentation “Powerful by Name, Powerful by Nature – findings from the Powerful Owl Project in Sydney”, will be given by Holly Parsons.

Since 2011, the Birdlife Australia Powerful Owl project has been assessing the distribution and demographics of urban Powerful Owls throughout the Greater Sydney region, harnessing the charisma of these birds to engage and educate the local community in urban conservation. There are three areas of interest within the project: research, engagement, and education. Over the course of the previous 4 years and with the generous support of the Southern NSW Twitchathon in 2011 and 2013, and the NSW Environment Trust the Powerful Owl project has made great progress in each of these three streams. Come along to learn about this amazing threatened species and how it is coping in the urban environment.

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