September Meeting

Wed 11 September 2019 07:30pm

Shorty Westlin - Bird baths, the benefits to the birds and you the observer
Geoffrey Dabb - Some Notable Canberra Birds

The short presentation will be by Shorty Westlin on “Bird baths, the benefits to the birds and you the observer”

Shorty will be discussing why we should have bird baths at our homes. He will give his views from his experience of what size baths and their placement to give the best results. Shorty will also be presenting photos and video of birds that he has had visit his baths, and discuss ways best to capture these moments.

The replacement main speaker for the 11 September COG meeting will be Geoffrey Dabb on ‘Some Notable Canberra Birds’.

This will be an edited version of a recent talk in the Thursday lunchtime series at the ANBG. It presents a selection of bird species that have a connection with Canberra and have some kind of story attached to them, for one reason or other. Each COG member would probably have their own version of such a list, but these are what Geoffrey has chosen. While some would include Gang-gang and Superb Fairy-wren, those species will not be found in this selection.

Many thanks to Geoffrey for so readily agreeing to fill in when David Lindenmayer became unavailable.

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