October Meeting

Wed 14 October 2020 07:30pm

Rhiannon Kiggins - Do Shy Heathwrens increase during times of drought?
Michael Mulvaney - Canberra residents helping us understand and better conserve the Gang-gang Cockatoo

There will be another virtual meeting on 14 October. The following is the webinar link:


Participants should be encouraged to register at least 30 minutes prior to 7.30 pm. They will need to have their video and sound working on their computer. During the webinar participants will be able to see and hear the presenters but not talk. Feedback will be via a typed live chat (which has about a 20 second delay). The webinar is scheduled to last up to one hour.

For October there will be two presentations of roughly equal length.

First, Rhiannon Kiggins will present on “Do Shy Heathwrens increase during times of drought?”. Rhiannon will be discussing the population dynamics of Shy Heathwren at The Charcoal Tank Nature Reserve (TCTNR) near West Wyalong in NSW. Specifically, she will provide a summary of the banding study at the TCTNR and how Shy Heathwren numbers have changed since the study began in 1986, reflecting on trends with changing rainfall patterns over time.

Then Michael Mulvaney of the ACT’s Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate will present on “Canberra residents helping us understand and better conserve the Gang-gang Cockatoo”. Fifty seven Canberra families and individuals are participating in an ongoing study that has identified and observed Gang-gang breeding hollows. The talk will present findings on hollow choice, breeding ecology and concerns that increased temperatures may be impacting on chick survival.

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