May Meeting

Wed 13 May 2015 07:30pm

Jack Holland - Fuscous and Brown-headed Honeyeaters
David Hollands - 70 years of Bird Photography

To reboot the Bird of the Month (BOM) talks Jack Holland will reprise (a revised version of) his 2009 BOM “Fuscous and Brown-headed Honeyeaters.”

The main presentation entitled “70 years of Bird Photography” will be by David Hollands.

David is a very well known bird watcher and photographer including through his publishing of a number of books, most recently Waders: the Shorebirds of Australia, but also for his earlier books on Owls, Frogmouths and Nightjars.   His love of photography started so long ago that David says he can hardly remember it.  He took his first, so called, bird photograph with a little box Zeiss camera at the age of about 8.  David presentation will take us through the long 70 year period of his taking of photographs to the modern digital age which has brought a number of advantages to the wildlife photographer.  Better lenses is one advance but David says the ability to keep shooting is the major breakthrough.


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