June meeting

Wed 12 June 2024 07:30pm

Kim Farley - Pilotbird in the ACT. Rare? Yes. Hard to find? Not so much
Matt Herring - Tracking the Australian Painted-snipe, a wetland enigma

The June 2024 meeting will be a normal face-to-face one held at our usual venue. As COVID is still widespread in the community attendees should heed social distancing and good hygiene practice etc, and use their common sense and stay home if they have COVID symptoms. Mask wearing is recommended.

Please note that construction is currently occurring around the Gabriel Drive parking area, and access to there is not available. So please use the Chapel Drive entrance and park there. Given the problems we had with access to the Multi-media Centre (MMT) from there at the May meeting, the Canberra Girls Grammar School has provided a better alternative route as shown in the map which you can access through the link on LATEST NEWS on the Home page of this web site.

Once parked proceed down past the Chapel and smaller Admin Offices, keeping them to your left. Just past the latter turn left along a relatively flat and straight broad path keeping the columns to you left. Near to the end, go left up the 3 m wide steps, turn half right and you will find an open glass door. Go through this, across the empty room and past the toilets, and then either enter the MMT either through the bottom MMT door or go further along and up the steps where you reach the usual entry door. Though it is well lit, as it will be dark a torch for finding your way to the MMT and back to your car after the meeting is recommended.

The short presentation will be by Kim Farley on “Pilotbird in the ACT. Rare? Yes. Hard to find? Not so much”

This short presentation is based on one Kim gave at the Australasian Ornithological Conference in 2023 but will focus a little less on the data and a little more on the bird itself – including where it lives in the ACT, its appearance, its beautiful song, and how you can maximise your chances of experiencing this delightful local species.

The main presentation will be by Matt Herring, the lead wildlife ecologist at Murray Wildlife, on “Tracking the Australian Painted-snipe, a wetland enigma”.

Matt will introduce this cryptic wetland bird; explain why they are one of Australia’s most elusive species and provide a national sightings update. He will present all the latest information on the birds being tracked, including some unexpected finds about where the birds can roost, along with “Gloria” and “Marcelina”, who have recently captured the Australian public’s attention with their large movements of over 1000 kilometres. If you don’t have it already, you are bound to catch the painted-snipe bug!

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