July Meeting

Wed 14 July 2021 07:30pm

Ian McMahon - Stamp Designs of Betty Temple Watts
Kim Farley - All about eBird

The first presentation will be by Ian McMahon on “Stamp Designs of Betty Temple Watts”.

Betty Temple Watts is best known to COG members as the artist who drew the plates for Birds in the Australian High Country edited by Harry Frith and first published in 1969. The book went through a number of editions and was an important guide to Canberra birds for over 20 years. Her other work included the design of a series of postage stamps depicting Australian birds which were issued in 1964, with many of the designs also used for some of Australia’s first decimal currency stamps. This presentation will look briefly at her designs for the stamps and their development.

The main presentation will be by Kim Farley, the ACT eBird reviewer, and is entitled “All about eBird”.

This talk, with a live demonstration, will explain what eBird offers birders and COG. Kim will show you how to make best use of eBird in your birding adventures in the ACT and across Australia. There will also be a brief outline of eBird geography, hotspots and personal locations and the eBird taxonomy. Time for questions and discussion will be included.

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