February Meeting

Wed 13 February 2019 07:30pm

David Rees - Birds of the wetlands at Warren, NSW (video)
Michael Guppy – Cracking the Code. What regulates breeding in the Bird Community at Moruya

The first presentation will be by well known recorder David Rees showing a video entitled ‘Birds of the wetlands at Warren, NSW’

On the northern outskirts of the small central NSW town of Warren lies the community run Tiger Bay Wetlands. Water levels are managed with water from the town sewerage works close by. The local council has built a network of paths through the area and also an educational centre and cafe, which is open at times. The wetland, and the town, in general is a magnet for birds, especially when things in the region are dry. Birdwatchers are welcomed and those travelling through to inland Qld and outback NSW/SA could do well to support this community initiative with a visit and and maybe an overnight stay. The film showcases many of the birds David has come across there over the last few years worth of visits.

The main presentation will be by Michael Guppy on “Cracking the Code. What regulates breeding in the Bird Community at Moruya.”

Michael has presented data on this study to COG twice previously. The second half of the long-term study by Michael, his wife Sarah, her brother Richard and father Stephen Marchant was concluded at the end of the 2014-2015 breeding season. Since then they have been analysing the data from the entire study. This analysis has uncovered a surprisingly simple system, whereby one factor is the main determinant of how many pairs breed on the site each season, the length of the breeding period, and nesting success.

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