February Meeting

Wed 11 February 2015 07:30pm

Jim Hone - Birds of Namadgi National Park; trends, structure and management
Mike Tarburton - Swifts: Extreme fliers above and below ground.

The short presentation will be by Jim Hone on “Birds of Namadgi National Park; trends, structure and management.”

The talk will describe, briefly, the results of 16 years of surveying birds in the eastern part of the park. The focus will be on trends in the number of species, the structure of the bird community (big versus little birds), and describing whether there is evidence of association of the birds and feral pigs.

Mike Tarburton will give the main presentation entitled “Swifts: Extreme fliers above and below ground”.

Mike is acknowledged as Australia’s swift expert. He will look at some of the flight patterns and abilities of our migrant swifts, what human activities are thought to be causing a decline in the White-throated Needletail’s population and what new factors our echolocating swiftlets are having to contend with, and how they deal with them. He will also take a glimpse of the capabilities of the Australian Swiftlet in the air, through high speed photography.

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