Applying for a Grant

Applying for a grant from the Canberra Birds Conservation Fund

The Fund welcomes applications from individuals and organisations for grants to support projects that will contribute to achieving its environmental objectives, namely

  1. To encourage interest in, and develop knowledge of, the birds of the Canberra region
  2. To promote and co-ordinate the study of birds
  3. To promote the conservation of native birds and their habitats

Applications for up to $5,000 are invited. Applications that meet all three of the Fund’s environmental objectives will be particularly favoured, especially those with a focus on the Canberra region.

Applications should cover at least the following

  1. A brief (maximum three pages) summary of your proposal, written in plain language intelligible to the lay person.
  2. An itemised budget showing the amount sought from the Fund and how and when you would spend the funds if your application were successful. Remember to include GST if applicable.
  3. A statement about how the grant would contribute to the attainment of COG’s environmental objectives.

Applications from students should be accompanied by letters of support from their academic supervisors. Applicants applying through universities and other institutions should be aware that the Fund does not cover or allow for administration fees levied by institutions. GST usually needs to be included in the budget of grants administered through universities.

In addition, the Fund’s Committee of Management requests that, if the application is successful, you agree to the following conditions:

  1. The grant be acknowledged in any publications based on the research to which the grant makes a contribution;
  2. You undertake to make a presentation to a COG monthly meeting, on a basis to be agreed upon by yourself and COG’s meetings program co-ordinator;
  3. You provide to the CBCF a report on the expenditure as soon as practicable after the grant has been fully expended. In addition, a progress report will be provided as soon as practicable after 12 months from receipt of the grant if the grant has not been fully expended at that time;
  4. You agree that the CBCF may, in consultation with yourself, refer to its support of your research in the CBCF’s funds-raising activities.

People considering applying for a grant are invited first to make contact with the Fund’s convenor, David McDonald, at email, or telephone (02) 6238 3706, to discuss the proposal.

Applications that meet the above criteria should be mailed, marked ‘Attention: David McDonald’, to

Canberra Birds Conservation Fund
PO Box 331
Jamison Centre ACT 2614

with an electronic copy emailed to