Purple Swamphen

Porphyrio porphyrio
Common breeding resident in suitable terrain throughout the tablelands area.

Lewin’s Rail

Lewinia pectoralis
Rare, breeding summer visitor. One winter record.

Buff-banded Rail

Gallirallus philippensis
Uncommon breeding summer migrant.

Baillon’s Crake

Porzana pusilla
Rare, warm weather visitor.

Australian Spotted Crake

Porzana fluminea
Rare breeding species recorded mostly in warmer weather, but possibly a resident.

Spotless Crake

Porzana tabuensis
Rare species, recorded mostly in the warmer months, but occasionally in winter. One breeding record: Fyshwick Sewage Works, Jan/Feb 2001.

Black-tailed Native-hen

Tribonyx ventralis
Rare non-breeding vagrant.

Dusky Moorhen

Gallinula tenebrosa
Common breeding resident where suitable habitat exists, chiefly on the tablelands area.

Eurasian Coot

Fulica atra
Common species on suitable water and nearby, breeding here very occasionally.