Gang-gang Survey – Latest News

The Gang-gang survey has finished!

Bird lovers were invited to submit sightings of Gang-gang Cockatoos over the last year to a special survey using the Atlas of Living Australia.  The survey finished at the end of February 2015.  You can still report Gang-gang sightings for the period up to the end of February, but please don’t report any new sightings to the special survey.

A big thank you to all those who participated!  Results and data will be published in a future edition of COG’s publication Canberra Bird Notes.


Archival Gang-gang Survey Information below

Final Gang-gang Muster Count coming up

The project will finish at the end of February having been going for the past 12 months. The final Muster will as usual go for a seven day period starting 19 February to coincide with GBS week number 8. Results for this Muster compared with the February 2014 Muster will be of particular interest.


Project progress reports

Gang-gang project update -February 2015
Gang-gang project update – January 2015
Gang-gang project update – October 2014

Gang-gang project update – September 2014
Gang-gang project update – August 2014
Gang-gang project update – July 2014
Gang-gang project update – June 2014
Gang-gang project update – May 2014
Gang-gang project update – April 2014
Gang-gang project update – March 2014


Press releases and Events

6 November – Media release – November Gang-gang Muster Count
18 August – Media release – Gang-gangs enjoy Canberra in autumn
15 August – Media release – Kids to use art to explore the Gang-gang Cockatoo
14 May 2014 – Media Release- Gang-gang survey going Gangbusters!
13 March 2014 – Gang-Gang Survey Launch Flyer
13 March 2014 – Help Canberra birdos track the Gang-gang Cockatoo



Imagining Gang-gangs Student Art Comp and Exhibition – winners announced!

School students (5-18 years) were invited to make artworks about the Gang-gang cockatoo using their medium of choice. Distinctive feathering, a quirky call and antics made for exciting art.

The exhibition was opened by Louise Maher on 26th November and the public were invited to vote for their favourite works.  The exhibition closed on Sunday 30th November when the results were announced.  The winners are:

Lara Hedley, Campbell High School, winner of the most popular senior artwork in imagining Gang-gangs student art exhibition and the most popular artwork overall

Dan Leivesley, North Ainslie Primary School, winner of the most popular junior artwork.

Lara with her artwork

Lara with her artwork

Dan's Gang-gang

Dan’s Gang-gang


Any queries about the competition email:


Latest survey statistics (updated monthly)

The Gang-gang survey has now been running nine months covering the late summer, autumn winter and spring months. The community response has been fantastic and largely enabled by the Atlas of Living Australia portal. Approximately 90% of observations are being entered on-line with a pleasingly low error rate (about 2%).

There are now 368 registered users of the on-line COG/ALA portal and a total of 2,068 records. The largest group of Gang-gangs so far observed is 55 birds seen flying across Uriarra Crossing on 16 June by a lucky observer.




Gang-gangs in the news

Media articles about Canberra’s Gang-gang Cockatoos and COG’s
Gang-gang survey project.


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Canberra Times, 18 August 2014 – Ian Warden

Louise Maher, 666 ABC Canberra, writes online about ‘Imagining gang-gangs: students encouraged to create art inspired by much-loved birds’

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